The only synthetic Vitamin K2 approved in Europe.

Vitamin K2 is a liposoluble vitamin that must be introduced regularly with food.

Vitamin K2 has a protective physiological effect against the calcification of arterial walls and does not interfere with the normal processes of blood coagulation.
Recently, is has been shown that vitamin K2 activates the MGP (Gla protein vitamin K dependant matrix), that ties the calcium present in the walls of the vessels by means of a process of carboxylation and the transportations of bone tissue.

Vitamin K2 plays a key role in bone homeostasis where it plays a fundamental role in the carboxylation of the osteocalcin, a protein necessary for bone mineralization, able to tie the hydroxyapatite (65% of bone structure) and to control its growth.

The advantages of K2VITAL™

  • K2VITAL™ is the only synthetic source of vitamin K2 allowed in Europe
  • It protects against fractures and improves the quality of the bones in cases of osteoporosis
  • It protects against the calcification of the arteries
  • Published clinical evidence supports the benefits of vitamin K2

K2VITAL™ is available in two forms


Vitamina K2 (MK7) 0.15%

K2VITAL™ Powder

Vitamina K2 (MK7) 0.2%

Best for

  • Bone

  • Muscles

  • Preganancy

Produced by: Kappa Bioscience