Prodiet Lattoferrin

Lactoferrin in its purest form

Why choose Prodiet Lactoferrin?

  • The purest lactoferrin on the market (>95%)
  • A native lactoferrin as found in fresh milk
  • A gentle process for a preserved structure and activity
  • From premium fresh milk

What is lactoferrin?
Lactoferrin is a protein naturally occurring in milk and other human secretions (saliva, tears…). This glycoprotein has a high iron-binding capacity and provides multiple benefits such as immune and gut health. Lactoferrin has been proven to have antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant activities.

Prodiet Lactoferrin: a-preserved lactoferrin as in fresh milk
Prodiet Lactoferrin is directly produced from our fresh, premium French milk. The cutting-edge technology of Ingredia Nutritional enables to preserve the native structure of Prodiet Lactoferrin as found in fresh milk. Thus, Prodiet Lactoferrin ensures the highest purity on the market in a non-denatured form.

An optimal proven biological activity
One of its natural actions, lactoferrin stimulates the proliferation and differentiation of immune and epithelial cells. We have demonstrated in an in vitro model that Prodiet Lactoferrin has a stimulating activity on epithelial cell growth compared to the negative control. For lactoferrin denatured by heat treatment, no significant effect was detected.
The native structure of Prodiet Lactoferrin is essential for its optimal biological activity.


Multiple benefits

  • Immune health
  • Oral hygiene
  • Gut health
  • Skin care

Best for

  • Healthy cells

  • Immune system

  • Metabolism

Produced by: Ingredia Nutritional