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UltraMag Marine

The only sucrosomial magnesium hydroxid
from sea water

UltraMag Marine is encapsulated in a bilayer membrane that enables the magnesium to pass gastric environment without interacting with intestinal mucosa and to be absorbed, thereafter, into the bloodstream.
UltraMag Marine is the only sucrosomial magnesium hydroxide, highly bioavailable with excellent organoleptic properties. It features a unique source of natural, elemental magnesium extracted from the uncontaminated waters of the North Sea.


Advantages of UltraMag Marine

  • High tolerability
  • Maximum absorption and bioavailibility
  • Excellent taste
  • It does not interfere with the absorption of other medicines
  • Gluten-free

Suggested applications

  • Integratori Alimentari: capsule di gelatine molle, capsule, compresse.
  • Alimenti Funzionali: bevande, latte, prodotti lattiero caseari.


Best for

  • Blood pressure

  • Bone

  • Energy

  • Healthy cells

  • Heart

  • Metabolism

  • Muscles