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Sucrosomial Magnesium 

UltraMag is incorporated in an innovative sucrosomial membrane consisting allowing magnesium to pass undamaged the gastric acid environment without interacting with intestinal mucosa and to be absorbed, thereafter, into the bloodstream.
UltraMag takes advantage of the sucrosomial technology to increase absorption and bioavailability of magnesium oxide.
UltraMag shows a faster and 20% higher bioavailability compared to magnesium citrate.


Advanatges of UltraMag

  • Maximum absorption and bioavailability
  • Excellent Taste
  • High tolerabilty
  • Does not interfere with other nutrients

Suggested applications

  • Integratori Alimentari: gelcaps, capsules, tablets.
  • Functonal foods: beverages, milk, diary products.



Best for

  • Blood pressure

  • Energy

  • Healthy cells

  • Heart

  • Metabolism

  • Muscles