Since 2000 Alesco has been committed to introducing innovative raw materials to the Italian nutraceutical, pharmaceutical and food market, supported by scientific evidence and produced using the best technologies.


About us


Alesco is PharmaNutra’s division dedicated to the research, development, production and distribution of raw materials and functional ingredients used in the formulations of pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, cosmetic and food products.

In addition to holding exclusive licences for the distribution in Italy of functional ingredients produced by some of the world’s major innovative companies, since 2010 Alesco has been developing and producing a range of proprietary formulations based on Sucrosomial® Technology, a patented delivery system which is an authentic innovation in the integration of minerals and nutrients.

It has always been Alesco’s duty and responsibility to distribute safe, effective and high-quality products. The aim is therefore to make a difference by producing and distributing only functional ingredients with unique, innovative properties and multiple applications.


Our history


Alesco was established in Pisa in 2000, with the aim of standing out in the nutraceutical, pharmaceutical and food market for the high scientific value of the raw materials distributed. Initially the company focused on the distribution of third-party active ingredients, but very soon, thanks to continuous investments in Research & Development, Alesco began to produce proprietary functional ingredients.

In particular, the core business of Alesco focused on the development of micro-elements and macro-elements, and in 2010 it developed Sucrosomial® Technology, a unique, innovative delivery system that in less than a decade has revolutionised the martial therapies and mineral-based supplements sector. In 2016, the iron-based compound called Sideral® r.m. (Sucrosomial® Iron) was voted “Readers Ingredient of the Year” by the famous and authoritative journal

Alesco has continued to work both to improve its formulations and to introduce innovative, effective and sustainable solutions to the Italian market. Therefore, after the successful application of Sucrosomial® Technology to iron, research led to the development of new Sucrosomial® minerals, such as magnesium, calcium, iodine, zinc and selenium, as well as Sucrosomial® vitamins and a wide range of ingredients considered among the most effective and innovative on the market.

In 2024, as a result of a merger by incorporation, Alesco became to all intents and purposes a business division of PharmaNutra S.p.A., of which it was already a wholly owned subsidiary.

Alesco’s present and future are defined by the production and global distribution of unique and exclusive active ingredients. The company remains driven by the same enthusiasm, passion and professionalism that have always set it apart, always aligned with PharmaNutra’s vision of harnessing science to advance effective and safe nutrition.


Our services


In addition to supplying functional ingredients and raw materials to the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and food industry, Alesco offers a range of services to its partners in Italy and abroad:

  • Know-how and scientific research
  • Scientific back-up for ingredients
  • Support in the formulation and supply of finished products
  • Technical and commercial training for the sales force
  • Image and communication consulting for raw materials
  • Contact with medical and scientific opinion leaders

Mission & Vision

“Food theory is of great ethical and political importance. Food turns into blood, blood into heart and brain; in matters of thoughts and feelings.
Human food is the foundation of culture and sentiment. If you want to improve the people, instead of ranting against sin, give them better nutrition.
Man is what he eats”.

Ludwig Feuerbach, The Mystery of Sacrifice or Man is what he eats, 1862

So, we are what we eat. In scientific terms, food has a huge impact on how we are, in terms of health, socio-economic and environmental development. We aim to improve people’s lifestyles, starting right from nutrition. This is why since 2000, we have been working to introduce innovative, functional ingredients to the Italian nutraceutical, pharmaceutical and food market, supported by scientific evidence and produced using the best technologies.