Alesco is a company with its head office in Pisa that boasts exclusivity for the distribution in Italy of functional ingredients chosen from the world’s most important producers.

Professional services to our partners

Alesco is not a simple supplier of products but a full partner that provides a wide range of services for its clients:
  • Scientific back-up on the ingredients
  • Support in the formulating and supply of the products "keys in hand"
  • Technical and commercial training for the sales force
  • Consultation on image and communication (for the traders, the consumer, to the sales force, etc.)
  • Contacts with the opinion leaders in the medical and scientific field
  • Know-how and scientific research


Alesco was founded in 2000 by brothers Lacorte with the aim to grow and become a reference point in the nutraceutical field for distribution and formulation of selected raw materials to create highly qualified products. Over the last years Alesco has invested in domestic production of active ingredients and became producer of its own sucrosomial® technologies.
Enthusiasm, professionalism and passion drive our mission.