UltraJoint Vegetable Glucosamine

Vegetable glucosamine for joint well-being

UltraJoint is vegetable glucosamine, to maintain healthy cartilage and joints.

Glucosamine is an element found in joint cartilage and synovial fluid. It is an essential element for bone and joint well-being, as it is involved in the process of cartilage production. Glucosamine supplements help to reduce joint problems, helping to restore cartilage and synovial fluid, and at the same time offers anti-inflammatory action. Glucosamine shortage in the body worsens with age: without it, joint cartilage becomes worn and deteriorates. Various studies have shown that glucosamine can help to repair and maintain cartilage, stimulating chondrocyte growth.

UltraJoint is glucosamine hydrochloride obtained from maize glucose, of plant origin.

Advantages Applications
  • Plant source
  • High concentration of Glucosamine (83%)
  • Free of all crustacean/mollusc allergens
  • Patented
  • High palatability
  • Halal/Kosher certified
  • Suitable for vegetarians and vegans
  • Applicable in any pharmaceutical form
  • Food supplements: soft gelcaps, capsules and sachets

Best for

  • Bones

  • Cells

  • Sport nutrition