Chromax® chromium picolinate is a perfect nutrient to formulate into products positioned to address many of the health and lifestyle issues that are of increasing concern such as cognition function, weight management, food cravings, mood and support for healthy glucose metabolism.

With more than 20 active and pending patents, chromax® chromium picolinate, made in the u.s., is the only form of clinically efficacious dietary chromium that has been reviewed extensively for safety and efficacy. The body of scientific evidence provides our customers with marketable substantiated claims and numerous health benefits for the consumer.

Chromax® chromium picolinate is different from other forms of chromium in that it has:

  • A stable chemical structure
  • Superior absorption
  • Extensive clinical testing
  • Extensive safety testing
  • Extensive regulatory review
  • Always been manufactured in the U.S. according to applicable GMP standards

Chromax® chromium picolinate is suitable into products designed to promote and help support consumer’s dietary and nutritional needs in:

  • Glucose Metabolism & Insulin Resistance
  • Appetite Control & Weight Management
  • Heart Health & Cholesterol
  • Energy Supporta
  • Brain Health
  • Immune System Health

Best for

  • Energy

  • Metabolism