Aquamin®: a multi-mineral complex that is an ally for our health

Alesco not only develops and produces ultra-high quality functional ingredients but is also the exclusive distributor of other raw materials with high organoleptic and commercial value.

One of these is Aquamin®, a multi-mineral complex with bio-active calcium, magnesium and traces of 72 other minerals. It offers benefits for various parts of the body, including bone and joint health, supporting the immune system and the intestinal microbiome.
Aquamin® is widely used in both foods and nutraceutical applications, adding nutritional value to a wide variety of products.

Aquamin®: the plant origin deriving from the processing of Lithothamnium Calcareum

Aquamin® derives from the processing of Lithothamnium Calcareum, an algae that grows mainly in the cold waters off the coast of Iceland and southern Ireland, and during its growth absorbs essential minerals and nutrients from the sea to become a 100% plant source of fundamental micronutrients for human well-being.

The sustainability of Aquamin®

Aquamin® is a byword for sustainability, science and innovation.

Sustainability is a key aspect of the Aquamin® production process, with constant attention to improving human well-being through the responsible use of natural resources.
During the whole production cycle, from harvesting to the final processing phase, the algae deposits in the western fjords of Iceland are managed in a sustainable and responsible manner.

But there’s more: science and innovation offer fundamental support to sustainability; with its unique structure and nutritional characteristics, Aquamin® has been the subject of over forty international scientific studies.
The benefits are reflected in the numerous aspects of human well-being, from healthy bones, joints and digestive system to the health of the elderly and women in the menopause and, finally, associated with prebiotics it has anti-inflammatory and pain reducing qualities.

Aquamin® has obtained Bio, Hallal, Kosher, FSSC and ISO certifications.
Depending on the application, Aquamin® is available in a range of product types: Alesco is at your disposal for more information.