New markets on the horizon

Alesco keeps expanding its international distribution network by signing an exclusive distribution agreement with Lithos Ingrendients, the international intermediate company based in Netherlands, that focuses on specialty ingredients and problem solutions for the food and pharmaceutical industries.

 The agreement concerns Alesco’s ULTRAMINS products that are developed by applying its own Sucrosomial® technology to fundamental elements such as Iodine (I)Magnesium (Mg)Calcium (Ca) and Zinc (Zn). These elements are then encapsulated in a Sucrosomial® membrane made of phospholipids allowing the minerals to pass through the gastric and intestinal environment without interacting with the intestinal mucosa to be then absorbed into the bloodstream.  This technology is able to increase notably the absorption of minerals, allowing their application in high concentration.

The agreement grants to Lithos Ingredients the exclusive right for their distribution in Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg and lays the foundation for a fruitful and lasting collaboration.

Alesco is delighted to announce that the partnership with Lithos Ingrediengs is set and expects great results from the launch of its minerals in Benelux.