Atura plant origin proteins: Alesco signs the distribution agreement

Alesco obtains exclusive distribution of the Atura brand plant proteins for Italy.

Alesco S.r.l. is adding important, new raw materials to its portfolio.
Thanks to the agreement reached with Deltagen UK (an English  Marigot Ltd. Group company), Alesco will be the sole distributor for Atura brand plant proteins on the Italian market. Marketing will start this autumn, for three different plant proteins, resulting from processing chickpeas, broad beans and red lentils.
With this important commercial strategy step, by acquiring the Atura brand licence for Italy, Alesco not only intends to expand the range with new, natural, top quality raw materials, it is also preparing to expand its reference market even further. Use of plant proteins is now widespread in both the nutraceutical and food areas.
Sector trends show that the number of consumers who choose a vegetarian or vegan diet has increased globally in recent years. Consequently, the demand for the industry to supply non-animal origin proteins with a high nutritional value is growing. Italy currently has some types of plant protein that mainly come from soy, peas and beans. The novelty Alesco will be placing on the market, thanks to its distribution of Atura products, will be proteins with a high organic profile, giving the food industry raw plant materials with different nutritional characteristics.
“This agreement is the result of our twenty-year collaboration with Marigot Ltd., for whom Alesco distributes Aquamin brand calcium from seaweed in Italy. Based on this product’s commercial success, the Marigot Group top management insisted that it be Alesco to introduce the new Atura products to the Italian market”, declares Andrea Lacorte, CEO of Alesco S.r.l. “By adding plant proteins to the portfolio, we intend to expand our presence in market niches we believe are growing strongly: the sports, vegan and vegetarian food, protein products sectors, and infant food. The fields of application for these new plant proteins are vast”.
“Having obtained the distribution licence for Atura proteins is the start of a new growth stage for the company. The main focus will be on products that replace meat, now increasing considerably” comments Gianni Lazzarini, President of Alesco S.r.l. “Looking to the future, we can see that this is not just a commercial matter: people are becoming increasingly more aware of sustainability and protecting the environment. What causes most of today’s pollution are the intensive breeding and production systems that will no longer be sustainable in the near future. We will all be much more careful to look for products that are not just healthy, good and nourishing, but also consistent with ethical and environmental principles”.