Alesco: new trade agreement with Trades SA for Spain and Portugal

A new sales partnership consolidates the presence of Alesco in Spain and Portugal thanks to the agreement signed recently with Trades SA, a company with 40 years of experience working in the distribution of natural ingredients and agro-food products.

This brand new partnership aims to spread the supply of Sucrosomial® minerals throughout the Iberian Peninsula, at the same time supporting Trades with the Alesco experience and values.

The whole sales, marketing and technical team of Trades SA has just started training to learn the functional characteristics deriving from the technology engineered by Alesco to improve the absorption and tolerance of mineral-based micro- and macro-nutrients.

It is thanks to Vitafoods 2022 that Alesco and Trades SA came into contact: the properties of the ingredients and raw materials developed using Sucrosomial® Technology have aroused great interest for the possibilities of use in the food and nutraceutical sectors.

“An important new trade agreement that consolidates Alesco’s presence in Europe,” states Carlo Volpi, Chairman of Alesco. “Moreover, it is yet another confirmation that Sucrosomial® Technology has the potential to continue to expand in different sectors that require the use of excellent components.”