New research partnership with the Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies

Alesco has signed a cooperation agreement with the Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies, the prestigious Italian special university institute in Pisa.

The technical and scientific agreement was signed in the last few days specifically with the Institute of Life Sciences by Dr Luca Sebastiani, an authority on the subject, and involves close cooperation on analytical laboratory activities on the new Sucrosomial® formulas currently being studied and developed by Alesco.

“The Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies is one of Italy’s top universities, recognised internationally as an authentic excellence”, states Dr Elisa Brilli, Head of Research of the PharmaNutra Group, which Alesco belongs to. “This cooperation is very important, because the Department laboratory overseen by Dr Sebastiani can count on pioneering instrumentation and skills which are well suited to our analyses to be performed on the new Sucrosomial formulas being developed.

As Dr Brilli explains, the first steps of this new cooperation relate to assessments of nutritional efficiency performed using instruments that are far more sensitive than the usual standards, a different, innovative approach for which we have great expectations.