UltraZin®: benefits and applications of Sucrosomial® Zinc

Zinc is an essential nutrient for health and, as the human body has no zinc reserves, it has to be introduced through food.

Zinc supplementation is necessary if your diet is particularly low in certain foods. For example, unbalanced vegetarian diets can be low in zinc because, although pulses and cereals are good sources of zinc, they also contain anti-nutritional active ingredients that can reduce their bioavailability.

Similarly, some individuals have an increased requirement for zinc, including people with sickle cell anaemia or inflammatory bowel diseases and patients who have undergone gastrointestinal surgery.

UltraZin®, the only formulation on the market based on Sucrosomial® Zinc, contains 42% of zinc element and, thanks to its protective phospholipid casing, is able to pass through the gastrointestinal tract unscathed and be absorbed by the intestine to ensure the right intake of zinc without side effects.


Applications of UltraZin – Sucrosomial® Zinc


Thanks to its innovative formulation and Sucrosomial Technology®, UltraZin® is a functional ingredient that does not interfere with the absorption of other minerals and nutrients, ensuring high tolerability within any formulation.

UltraZin® can in fact be successfully applied to food supplements in various forms: softgels, capsules, tablets and sachets, particularly those intended to support cells and the immune system and nutricosmetic supplements formulated for the well-being of skin, hair and nails. Furthermore, unlike common zinc salts, which have an unpleasant flavour, UltraZin® maintains excellent palatability, making it suitable for enriching functional foods and drinks.

One of the most recent applications of UltraZin® is gummies: supplements based on one or more vitamins and minerals in gummy candy format to make it easier to take the daily dose required.

Gummies, in fact, have more than one advantage:

  • They taste very pleasant, as they can be customised with the desired flavour;
  • They are suitable for people who have difficulty swallowing capsules and tablets;
  • They are suitable for vegan and sugar-free formulations.


Benefits of zinc


Zinc performs several fundamental functions, from ensuring the correct operation of the immune system to protecting the body against infections. It has an antioxidant action, reducing the formation of free radicals. Furthermore, zinc is useful for maintaining healthy bones, skin and hair, as well as contributing to normal cognitive function and playing a role in the process of cell division.

But that’s not all: zinc also contributes to acid-base metabolism, carbohydrate metabolism, macronutrient metabolism, vitamin A and fatty acid metabolism.