Sucrosomial® Technology

An innovative delivery system improving the absorption and tolerability of micro-elements, macro-elements and phytoextracts

Alesco has patented its own delivery system, called Sucrosomial® Technology, which it has successfully applied to a wide variety of micro-elements, macro-elements and phytoextracts.


Function and characteristics of Sucrosomial®  Technology

The individual molecules are encapsulated in a membrane, called Sucrosome®, consisting of a phospholipid matrix and sucrose esters of fatty acids. Sucrosome® allows the active ingredients to cross the gastric and intestinal environment without interacting with the mucosa or other nutrients, before being absorbed at enteric level and passing directly into the blood stream.
The Sucrosomial® Technology offers important characteristics, including:

  • Maximum absorption and bioavailability
  • High concentration
  • Neutral taste
  • No interaction with the absorption of other nutrients

The applications of the Sucrosomial® Technology

The first studies and applications of the Sucrosomial® Technology were carried out on iron, an essential mineral for the health and function of the human body, but which has many problems linked to poor gastrointestinal absorption and tolerability. Many national and international clinical trials have demonstrated the validity of this technology, underlining the high bioavailability, tolerability and efficacy of Sucrosomial® iron compared to other types of iron on the market. In addition to these characteristics, it also ensures excellent palatability, another critical factor in the administration of iron

Following the significant scientific and commercial results achieved with the Sucrosomial® iron patent (Sideral® r.m.), Alesco has applied its technical and scientific know-how to another essential macro-element for human well-being: magnesium. Also in this case, several comparative studies between Sucrosomial® magnesium, magnesium oxide, bisglycinate and citrate demonstrate the efficacy of this technology in improving the absorption and tolerability of the mineral.

From these first results, Alesco has developed the Ultramins product line of Sucrosomial® Minerals, including SideMag Marine (Sucrosomial® Magnesium), UltraCal Sea (Sucrosomial® Calcium), UltraZin (Sucrosomial® Zinc), UltraSel (Sucrosomial® Selenium), Ultraiod (Sucrosomial® Iodine) and UltraChrome (Sucrosomial® Chromium).

Alesco recently began to apply Sucrosomial® Technology to some phytoextracts and vitamins, aiming to improve the tolerability, bioavailability and absorption of these nutrients, which will be increasingly central to the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical market in future.