UltraRed | Red Rice Yeast

UltraRed red rice yeast is an ancient ingredient that helps coltrolling cholesterol levels

The natural properties of Red Rice Yeast in controlling cholesterol levels has been known for over 800 years. Its efficacy is due to the presence of Monacolin-K, a natural statin that reduces total cholesterolaemia through the direct inhibition of HMG-CoA reductase, a key enzyme in the synthesis of endogenous cholesterol.

With years of experience in the distribution of Monascus Purpureus, a red rice yeast extract containing Monacolin-K, Alesco has selected UltraRed, a fermented red rice to guarantee its customers a safe and reliable product with the highest quality standards certified according to the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) guidelines.
Our Quality Control department periodically monitors and controls the raw materials to constantly ensure that the ingredient is completely natural and exclude all risks of sophistication with synthetic Lovastatin.

Advantages Applications
  • The use of organic rice as a raw material
  • Fermentation in natural solid state, with no additives
  • High Monacolin K content
  • Very low Citrinin content (undetectable)
  • Pesticide, aflatoxin and heavy metal contents
    conforming to European standards
  • Production in GMP
  • Steam sterilisation
  • No radiation
  • Food supplements

Best for

  • Blood

  • Blood pressure

  • Bones

  • Cholesterol