Red Rice Yeast

A synergic effect against cholesterol

Alesco Srl, after years of experience in the distribtuion of Monascus Purpureus, have inspected and chosen the best chinese producer of naturally fermented red rice to guarantee their customers a safe and trustworthy product with the highest quality: GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice).

Alesco Srl monitors and checks the chinese manufacturer (even though properly qualified) in order to constantly ensure that the Red Rice Yeast supplied is completely natural and to avoid any potential risks of adulteration with added synthetic lovastatin.

Red Rice Yeast is shown to be effective against cholesterol thanks to the presence of the Monacolin-K, a natural statin which is able to reduce the total cholesterlemia by directly inhibiting the HMG-Coa reductase, a key enzyme in the process of synthezing endogenous cholesterol.

Available grades of Red Rice Yeast

  • 1.5% Monacolin-K
  • 3.0% Monacolin -K

Organic Certified* Red Rice Yeast

  • 1.5% Monacolin-K
  • 3.0% Monacolin-K

*valid in the EU and USA.

Best for

  • Blood

  • Heart

  • Lifestyle

  • Metabolism