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An innovative form of Phytosterols for heart protection

Free phytosterols contribute to the maintenance of normal levels of exogenous cholesterol. The phytosterols are insoluble in water and oil, therefore , in their raw state cannot be used in foods, drinks or liquids.
UltraSterol takes advantage of microencapsulation technology to incorporate the phytosterols in a complex of maltodextrine that renders the product perfectly hydro dispersable. It does not require sophisticated equipment for incorporation into final products.


Advanatges of UltraSterol

  • Dispersibile in water
  • Concentrated form of Phytosterols
  • Pine Tree Phytosterols
  • Allergen-free

Applicazioni suggerite

  • Dietary supplements: gelcaps, capsules, tablets
  • Alimenti Funzionli: beverages, bakery products
  • Easy to use in all applications


Best for

  • Healthy cells

  • Heart

  • Immune system

  • Metabolism